Michael Coleman, Fred Ewanuick, Carmel Amit, Josh Blacker, and Ronda Dent 

Software Mogul, and Billionaire Adam Pi has everything in life with the exception of great memories from his High School years. He attends the 20th reunion and has such an great time he thinks “If I knew then what I know now” and presents an offer to the entire grad class of one year’s salary to go back and do complete one more month of the 12th grade. 

Thirty-Seventeen was a script that started back in 2011. Michael Coleman had written a teen-comedy, feature film called The Teen Commandments that was generating interest and was optioned a few times by different producers in 2010. In 2011, Michael attended his twenty year high school reunion.
He had missed his ten year reunion as he was accidentally told the wrong date and found out the reunion he thought he was about to attend had already happened the week before.
While Michael is not a billionaire, not a genius, and not a lot of what the character Adam Pi is in this film, there are still several parallels to his own life in this story. Michael always considered himself a bit of a forgettable nerd in high school and was worried about going.
One of his best friends, Jennifer Billingsley, someone Michael went to school with from Kindergarten through grade 12 was helpful in convincing Michael to go.
Michael and his wife Michelle were also very pregnant with their first child so this night had the potential for lots of surprises and interesting events.
What Michael discovered after the night was through was that he wasn’t alone in how he felt about high school and all of those cliques and barriers that he perceived existed back in 1991 has dissipated and he was in a room was a lot of really cool people with a shared history of a monumental time in their lives.
It was this realization that brought Michael to the “What if” moment that became the central theme of Thirty-Seventeen. “What if we could do it again? What we do differently? What we we do the same? Would any of it change who we are today?”

Thirty-Seventeen was written and the search to find the right actor to play the lead was on. Numerous actors were offered the role but for various reasons like schedule conflicts, etc. they weren’t able to lock anyone down. At various times of this project actors such as Jason Priestley, Wil Wheaton, and Josh Jackson were all considered for the role. 

Growing impatient and really wanting to see this project come to life, Michael Coleman formed the company Rebel West Pictures with close friends, decided to take on the lead role himself, and searched for a way to get it done. Early on the process, Hadron Films was approached by Coleman as they had recently worked together on another television project that was more fun than he’d experienced in years as an actor. They brought an entirely new level to this project and the hunt was on to finance this film and get it cast.

After a few finance models fell through, Rebel West Pictures and Hadron Films committed the ultimate indie sin and decided to self-finance this project.

Some incredibly talented actors were soon attached and their excitement, talent, and professionalism allowed this small indie project to become something truly special.

This film was shot in August 2016 and is now in the distribution phase of the cycle. 

This passion project has grown into something truly spectacular and is inevitably the catalyst for these production companies and these actors to create many more wonderful projects together for years to come!

Rebel West Pictures if a production company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. This company was formed by Michael Coleman and Josh Quocksister as an opportunity to create independent productions for the stage and camera.

The initial production of Thirty-Seventeen, a feature film co-produced with hadron Films, was shot over the Summer of 2016 and stars several notable Canadian artists; Michael Coleman (Once Upon a Time), Fred Ewaniuck (Corner Gas), Rhonda Dent (Victoria Gotti), Josh Blacker (Elysium), Lara Gilchrist (Battlestar Galactica), Tasya Teles (The 100), Gig Morton (Mr. Young), Carmel Amit (You, Me, Her), Beverley Elliott (Once Upon a Time), Aidan Drummond (The Little Prince), Tara Wilson (Cedar Cove), Alex Ferris (Martha Speaks), Sean Owen Roberts (Critters: A New Binge), Sage Brocklebank (Psych), Victoria Bidewell (Riverdale), Amy Goodmurphy (The Ryan and Amy Show), Martin Novotny (The Man in the High Castle), and Nelson Wong (Riverdale).


The production company shares a space with the post-secondary acting school in Vancouver, Story Institute, where students and professionals alike share the hallways and their creative ideas.


Rebel West Pictures has several exciting projects in various stages of development:


The Teen Commandments


Logline: With only a week left before graduation, a play-it-safe teen explores all the forbidden rites of passages all teens are entitled to experience.


Corollary Projects: Superbad, Risky Business, Can’t Buy Me Love


Synopsis: Stickler for the rules, Ben Ackerman, is a week away from graduating high school and he hasn’t done any of the mischievous deeds most teenagers do when they are young; get drunk, shoplift, get in a fight,… When his parents decide to go away for the weekend Ben and his best friends Spooge and Candice seize the opportunity to throw the year end party and make up for lost time.


Shadow Universe


Log-line: A series of stories that reflect the dangerous world we are living in as we grown more dependent on technology, less connected to one another, and more divided than any time in history.


Corollary Projects: The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror


Synopsis: This science fiction anthology series explores societal issues that have become more prevalent in recent years like the power of the court of public opinion, the divide and extremism of the left and the right globally, the dangers of social media, the dangers of modern medicine and technology, and various philosophies of time, space, and quantum physics.


Exchanging Vows


Logline: A week before the wedding, our newlyweds truly learn what if feels like to walk a mile in one another’s shoes.


Corollary Projects: Freaky Friday, 18 Again, Vice Versa


Synopsis: This classic body switch comedy film occurs a week before the wedding of Blake Miller (the epitome of masculine, a fixer but not a great listener) and Collette Leblanc (the epitome of feminine and someone who just wants to be heard and not fixed). After a family barbeque goes sideways they get into an argument that has the universe jump in and try to help them sort things out. They wake up in one another’s bodies and have 7 days to make things right, and rediscover the magical connection that made them fall in love in the first place.