Vancouver Actor Michael Coleman and Vancouver Actor Josh Quocksister | Creating Film, Television, and Animation Projects

We make movies, tv shows, cartoons, and we run with scissors! (We are rebels after all)

A Rebel Story

In 2012, Vancouver Actor Michael Coleman was one year into creating both an accredited post-secondary school and a production company. One of the students in this year two of operations was local hockey player, turned actor, Josh Quocksister. There was an instant synergy in their mutual love of story, comedy, and a fearlessness in taking different roads others may not even consider. 

After Josh graduated with a diploma, the two became friends and started exploring the idea of collaborating on projects of their own. Michael had written and produced two feature films and one television series by this time, and was looking for new ways to generate international content with local people. 

Vancouver, BC has quickly become one of the top 3 film and television industries in North America, but is a largely a service industry for US-based productions. This has tremendous pros and its equal share of challenges. As the projects are primarily generated from Los Angeles, California the larger roles and decisions are often made well before the project crosses the border into Canada. While many of the roles are still cast with American actors, Michael Coleman and several other Vancouver actors have found opportunities to book larger roles on larger shows and have created a higher profile as performers internationally.

Michael’s  career has offered him opportunities to portray countless iconic roles, such as; Dr. John H. Watson in The Doctor’s Case (his award winning performance in this legendary role was in a unique story, based on a story by Stephen King, and the only time where Watson solves the case), Once Upon a Time for ABC studios where Michael played the dwarf Happy, he voices characters on Hello Kitty, Hamtaro, Dragonball Z, Hellsing Ultimate, Inuysaha, Far Cry 5, and countless other films.

Michael and Josh have collaborated creatively on the feature film, 37teen, and it can be found currently on Amazon Prime, Apple, and numerous other platforms. They are also working together on bringing a second season of the popular show Hipsterverse, an untitled animation series, another feature film, Exchanging Vows, and several other projects.

Rebel West Pictures is committed to creating innovative and entertain content that truly allows Vancouver’s film and television to shine at an entirely new level. As actors in Vancouver, Michael Coleman and Josh Quocksister are acutely aware of the diverse and incredible talent available here and cherish the opportunities to generate unique stories with diverse voices with a strong Canadian sensibility.

All of our projects have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion and we strive to be a balanced platform for a wide-range of talented people, who are able to tell stories at an equal and inclusive level, regardless of any identifying characteristics.

Rebel West Productions has a proud history of collaborating with other local film and television production companies, like Hadron Films in bringing these Canadian stories with international appeal to the world.

As a Vancouver film production company, we feel privileged to be connected to the Vancouver actors and the Vancouver crew, who are world renowned for their professionalism, excellence, and kindness. 

In addition to being known as a Producer willing to educated chances on his fellow, local artists, Josh Quocksister has fast become a friend and a crucial support resource for many of the newer filmmakers in Vancouver’s acting community. Josh works both on the screen and off, and has several different script ideas he is personally developing through the Rebel West Pictures team.

Vancouver actor, Michael Coleman, still works extensively as an actor in Vancouver, in the worlds of cartoons, video games, stage, and on-camera. His contributions to Rebel West Pictures are primarily focused on script development and sales, but he also oversees the company’s educational division. Story Institute is a top Vancouver acting school and its students have worked on several of the top tv shows and films shot in Vancouver.

If you are a local actor, writer, or filmmaker and you are looking to collaborate on power stories, Michael Coleman and Josh Quocksister are always looking to find win/win scenarios that diversify and elevate us all.

“Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”
~ George Orwell, 1984