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The Rebels Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman Vancouver Actor

Michael Coleman┬áVancouver Actor | Writer┬áhas a diverse career in mainstream and independent film, television, video games, and animation. he has worked on shows like Once Upon a Time, Dragonball Z, Inuyasha, Hello Kitty, Stargate, X-Men: Evolution, and many more. he has written and produced several films and television series with distribution on Apple, Amazon, Roku, Sony, and many other platforms. Michael’s insatiable appetite for asking questions and looking for new paradigms on old ideas could be seen as a healthy connection to the Socratic Method or being a “rebel”.

This ambitious and curious approach hascreated unique opportunities where he has been guided and/or worked with numerous actors, writers, producers, and directors from some of the shows he has also proudly watched and grew up on.

His feature film 37-teen can now be viewed on Amazon Prime and Apple TV.